Monday, December 04, 2006

I went to a gig last night.
It was one of those wonderful Australian summertime experiences. After a humid day the clouds grew darker and darker. When we got to the Montville Village Hall the Trevor Hart Quartet was set up in the the old wooden building and as the band began to play the rain thundered down on the tin roof, lighting flashed outside to open doors and a cool, rain filled breeze blew over the audience.

The Quartet played improvised jazz and a screen next to the band played a montage of moving images , skyscrapers, clouds flowers and art. "Johnno" had a tropical calypso feel and was accompanied by a montage of old, kitsch Mexican travel posters.

We had pizza and wine at interval and the kids in the audience curled up on blankets on the floor.

PS. I have to declare an interest here as Trevor Hart is my husband!


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

sounds perfect! we love going to trevor's gigs too and we aren't married to him!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful- I could almost smell the rain.

My husband absoulutely loved the pieces I bought from you at the Umbrella collective.

Does the quartet have a cd out?