Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I'm pretty excited about being in the worldwide blog /craft community. Today one of my favourite sites Design Sponge is featuring the "Herbarium" series which I did earlier this year. I have a herbarium-sort-of-feeling in my bones so this series will be growing and evolving much like plants themselves.

Design Sponge is also sending craft junkies in the direction of the Umbrella Collective.

The blog community and the World Wide Web are such a bonus for Australians- especially rural Australian mothers who can't always get out to see fabulous things and travel. Since I had Fizzy D, two years ago, I've come to be inspired daily by my wanderings on the Web.


Anonymous said...

I love the herbarium series, so I'm looking forward to more growth in that area ;)


Gramercy Galleria said...

Oh my! These bowls (and I am a fool for bowls) are just incredibly beautiful. Saw one over on Design*Sponge and had to investigate. Beautiful!