Monday, November 27, 2006

Delightful Thing

Kylie's Christmas Tree

Our guerilla craft event "Delightful Things for Christmas" was held on Saturday and I have to say it was so much fun. Being involved with the other wonderful , creative artists and setting up our own independent event was very inspiring.

Florence's Stall-Novas, Pimmie Parrots and Amulets

We only had one meeting and about 100 or so e-mails but this was an event almost totally without bureaucracy. The day dawned very hot and sunny and before the official opening time of 9 o'clock the first customers were trickling (then flooding!) in.

Rebecca keeping the frenzy in order

Liana using ancient Italian crowd control techniques

There were refreshments, cupcakes, homemade biscuits and goodies and rugs and cushions out on the lawn for those suffering shopping fatigue and it was really lovely to hold a craft event where children were welcome and felt comfortable.

The Umbrella Collective was set up with this spirit in mind, a welcoming, creative , infinitely expandable group of friends united by craft and friendship. We will be holding more events in future. I can't wait!

Sarah and I were next to one another


Anonymous said...

it was a delight to spend the day next to you shannon, i just adore my little bowls :) (do you still have the little cloud one, i can't stop thinking about it!) thanks for taking such great pictures of the day, talk soon xxx

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Great photos shannon! It was such a lovely day - everyone seemed to enjoy it- let's do it again!!!!

Florence said...

Great pics! I also had a great time, especially making things happen with such a great bunch of gals :D


Cheryl said...

You are all so talented and delightful; you have made Christmas a joy for so many people. Keep doing what you do so well and bring pleasure to so many of us. Way to go guerilla's!