Monday, December 11, 2006

A cup of tea

Today's post is on one of my favourite things
A cup of tea. I've often thought that if I made a map of where I walk in the kitchen as I make a cup of tea that the path I move across the floor and trace through the air with the teaspoon as I put the tea in the pot would move in exactly the same line through the air every day. Making tea is the most prosaic of rituals and that's why I believe it is so comforting.
Bethan Laura Wood from the UK has encapsulated the gradual, slow comfort of tea drinking in her "Stain"cups. Through use they reveal their essential place in the tea drinkers life. The act of drinking deepening their connection with both the artist and the ritual.

PS. Thanks Blueberry Fool


Anonymous said...

How interesting.

I have just used my fennel teapot of yours. I find it wonderful for enjoying a cup of Dragon Well green tea. I'm very fussy about these things and have been very pleased with my umbrella Christmas show swap. Rest assured your Pimmie will be made with extra, extra TLC.

xx Windbag

Uschi said...

Why doesn't anybody comment on these wonderful teacups? It's such a beautiful idea!
Remembers me of one of my "when-I-was-a-child-wonders": a simple white sheet of paper, which you could hatch with a pencil and suddenly a light grey picture appeared.
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

i just love this gal's work- another talented crafter from brighton. the way the secret message patterns are only revealed by the drinking tea over time is so clever. and i also love her cup and saucer work on her website- reclaiming the saucer for snacks.

Jinan said...

Just saw ur work.I work in a potters village in Kerala.see link