Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Narek Galleries- regional inspiration

Teapot and cups by Bruce Nuske

Narek Galleries is a phenomenon. Situated near the small town of Tathra on the far South Coast of New South Wales, Narek has been showing amazing contemporary craft for the last 35 years. A few years ago director Karen O'Clery moved the galleries to the Old Tanja Church a venue which has been described as elegant and serene. The work that Karen shows from Australian and international artists is an inspiring survey of Australian masters of ceramic, glass and textiles interspersed with group exhibitions introducing emerging artists.

Ceramic by Hiroe Swen

I love the fact that Narek is raising the standard for Australian craft galleries from a small country town. There is a perception in Australia that quality, notable art is the exclusive province of Sydney and Melbourne. I have always argued (from my own small country town!) that this is not so. High quality venues such as Narek build relationships between artists and collectors on a regional level and also introduce the city-centric to the concept of a vibrant, regional arts community.

Glass by Wendy Fairclough

Check out Karen's website for more photos of beautiful, inspiring work.

Janet De Boos latest work

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