Friday, January 28, 2011

Flood Relief Ceramic Auction

I'm taking part in a great auction organized by Aussie/Thai legend in his own lunchbox, ceramicist Vipoo Srivlasa. It will be on EBay on Friday the 4th of Feb. All the artists have donated their work to the Flood Relief and, although I hope you are not totally motivated by the thought of a bargain, the bidding starts at very low reserves. I've donated these two pieces
They would retail for over $300 AUD but the bidding starts at $50!!!!!!!!!!
Have a look...and a bid and own some amazing ceramics while relieving flood victims!a tiny sample of the beautiful work available.
Here is what Vipoo has written about his inspiration for this wonderful project.....

"My call out for artists
to donate a piece was responded to very well ... overwhelmingly in fact. Artists from all over Australia donated their work for this auction. Some artists come from as far as USA and Canada! The auction will happen online at Starting from 9.00 pm on Thursday 3 Feb and finish on Sunday 6th Feb at 9.00 pm You can see a preview of the work on Facebook here...

or visit my website. Starting bids are at the discretion of the donor artist and will range from AUS $20 upwards. Please kindly help me promote the auction to anyone you know that might be interested in the auction. We need a lot of bidders to make this auction successful! The following artists have agreed to donate their work.
Akio Takamori (USA)

Andrea Barker (Victoria)

Angela Valamanesh (South Australia)

Avital Sheffer (New South Wales)

Ayumi Horie (USA)
Bridget Bodenham (Victoria)

Carole Epp (Canada)
Christopher Plumridge (Victoria)
Cyrus Tang (Victoria)

Dawn Whitehand (Victoria)

Gerry Wedd (South Australia)

Greg Daly (New South Wales)

Heather Creet (Tasmania)

Irianna Kanellopoulou (Victoria)
Jane Sawyer (Victoria)
Janet DeBoos (Australian Capital Territory)
Janet Mansfield, OAM (New South Wales)
Julie Bartholomew (New South Wales)
Keiko Matsui (New South Wales)
Kenji Uranishi (Queensland)
Kevin White (Victoria)
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen (Victoria)
Louise Boscacci (New South Wales)

Lynda Draper (New South Wales)
Naoko Yehenara (New South Wales)
Paul Aburrow (Victoria)
Robert Doble (UK/Victoria)

Sandra Black (Western Australia)

Shannon Garson (Queensland)
Shin Koyama (Queensland)
Simon Braund (Victoria)
Somchai Charoen (New South Wales)
Sony Manning (Victoria)
Sophie Milne (Victoria)
Tanawat Suttasoontorn (Thailand/Victoria)
Tatiana Gvozdetskia (Victoria)
Vicki Grima (New South Wales)

Vipoo Srivilasa (Thailand/Victoria)

Vipoo Srivilasa is authorised as the promoter for this event and the fundraiser reference number is TF/11/3165 Net proceeds of the funds raised (100%) will go to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. Donation collected by the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal will be disbursed to the people affected by flooding in Queensland Communities in December 2010 and January 211 The successful bidder is not eligible for a receipt for taxation purpose as they are receiving a benefit in return for the successful bid amount which will be donated to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. Please contact the Australian Taxation Office should you require further information in relation to the tax deductibility of donations Please note: freight/insurance and any additional fees are to be paid by the successful bidder and arranged with the respective artist.


Chrissy Dwyer Art said...

How generous of you. Lots of people are doing amazing fund raising. Your piece are lovely

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea. I would really like to buy a piece but then I sort of hope the prices go sky high even if I miss out.

Creative Arty Facts said...

Shannon - i completely forgot about the on-line auction. Had my heart set on a few items. Is there any way of finding out if there are pieces still available?