Sunday, November 07, 2010

ceramics, tapestries and googling medieval owls..........

Sometimes Googling is an immensely satisfying, inspiring process.

I was looking up images of owls in medieval tapestries this morning (as you do) and I was thrilled to discover the ceramic and textile exhibition of Dan and Amanda Wright.

Dan produces thrown, altered earthenware and his influences range from 1950's English slipware through to the graphic work of Piero Fornasetti.The terracotta base forms of English slipware have a warmth and vitality that infuses the drawings and seems to pull them into the surface of the vessel.

Dan and Amanda's exhibition was shown in St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire in August. The setting, combined with the beautiful soft detailed texture of the tapestries and the dynamic composition of the vessels, where the image seems to be thrusting against the constraints of the forms creates a visually exciting exhibition. I wish I could have seen this one.

I have to credit illustrator Jackie Morris for the photos of the St David's exhibition. I came across them on her beautiful blog. Jackie's website is extensive and browsing through her enormous body of work is a perfect thing for a Sunday morning.


Objekte-aus-Ton said...

Many thanks for the good tip! I love the drawings of Jackie Morrison!
Greetings from Germany

jovile said...

very nice works here. i like the rabbits a lot.