Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wallum Vessels- deeper water

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. "
Pablo Picasso
The "vessel" is a form of enormous significance in ceramics. What distinguishes a vessel is its ability to contain something. These vessels are embryonic, they are carriers for an idea about the wallum. Prototypes, fragile, ugly, often contain a germ of an idea that continues, untouched through the creative process.

Picasso said we should all learn to draw like children, by this he meant let go of learned, technical skill and capture the joy of sensation, colour, form and wild imagination. It is really hard to do, I take refuge in skill, feeling that if something doesn't quite capture the fleeting, glimpse I had in the original inspiration then at least it will be beautiful because of the skill. I keep letting go "just a little bit" - which is an oxymoron. I have to trust that these funny little vessels will be able to carry me beyond the safety of technical skill and into the wild blue sea.

You can read more about me and Rebecca Ward's collaboration at our blog "Swamp Cartography"


Janet K @ Manly Gallery said...

Exquisite work Shannon, letting go has worked for you!

gracia said...

Yes, you are quite right. To "capture the joy of sensation, colour, form and wild imagination" is very hard to do. Here's to being carried "into the wild blue sea". I like the sound of that.