Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wallum Kit

Currimundi, originally uploaded by rebeccathewrecker.

This is a photo of what Rebecca Ward and I get up to when we enter the wallum. What you can see here is our "Wallum Kit" contained in it's super- duper heavy duty 4WD toolbox.

This contains a couple of reference books on the wallum, some plastic containers for holding our "impressions" and samples, a lump of porcelain, two containers with "silpression" (a two- pack jewellery moulding silicon rubber), brushes, video and normal cameras, and water.
"Silpression" impression from the wallum.
Currumundi was the first big outing for the Wallum Kit and it worked great.....but I have to say that dragging it up another really steep sandhill when we thought it was just a short walk to the beach was hard work.

positive and negative impressions


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

wow you got some great impressions that day! despite the debilitating heat!!!

Susan Johnson said...

This looks so glorious, Shannon!

And the pictures of the bay you swam across....I am positively ACHING to feel the Queensland sun.

Thank you. Your pots are beautiful.