Tuesday, November 10, 2009

out of whack

I've just broken up a whole lot of greenware for recycling.

The other day I just couldn't throw. Everything I threw looked lumpy and horrid. It was terrible, usually throwing is my favourite part of making, it was like the odd occasion when I can't cook. Nothing goes right and you know you are in trouble when you start thinking "Maybe if I just add some soy sauce that'll fix it."

Today I was back on form,. I blame the weather, it was very hot and dry the other day, I live in the sub-tropics, heat is meant to bring humidity. I was all out of whack.


Anna said...

Good to hear you are now 'in whack' :>) Sometimes being out of whack can last for ages. Have found a walk in the bush helps.

Jerry said...

Your comment about the soy sauce gave a good chuckle. How true!