Wednesday, September 02, 2009

forked sundew- on the road to Poverty Point

DSCF6850, originally uploaded by shannongarson.

On the weekend jeweller Rebecca Ward, Fizzy D, Sweet Pea and I went up to Tin Can Bay. Rebecca and I were awarded an Arts Qld grant to do a huge collaborative project on the wallum swamps of Moreton Bay and SE Queensland. This was our first research trip and the wallum is such an inspiring place. To really see the wallum you have to get down on the ground. Amid the tangles of grasses shot through with melauca seedlings there are tiny, jewel like plants, such as this carnivorous Forked Sundew. We found these on the road to Poverty Point at Rainbow Beach.

So for the next year or so Rebecca and I will be taking field trips, taking photos with the end of a national travelling exhibition, accompanied by artists talks and workshops and a film edited by the wonderful Phoebe Hart of Hartflicker films.

We have set up a blog as part of this project here....

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Jesse Lu said...

Those 'forked sundews' are amazing. Sometimes I can't believe little living things like this exist.