Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Coming up........

I am in a few shows in Sydney opening soon.
"On the Table Too" at Planet Commonwealth is a group show that promises to be full of beautiful, amazing and practical handmade vessels. I love the group shot of ceramics on the invitation. It emphasizes the notion of the lively table, a place for food and ideas. In Italy the majolica ware used for the everyday table is bursting with history, colour and pattern. The food is there as an element, a vehicle for the flow of ideas and discussion around the table. I've often wondered what the trend for pure, white, factory made plates signifies. Is it a kind of control freak thing around food? Putting the food in a frame with nothing to distract the eater, none of the connection to community that a handmade plate brings to the table creates a strange kind of over-emphasis , almost a fetishization of food.

"On the Table Too" can cure this!

Exhibition from wednesday 8th - 22nd July to coincide with the Australian Ceramics Triennale

An exciting showcase of new ceramic tableware from Australian studio ceramists, including

walter aue,r bridget bodenham, kris coad, catherine fogarty, shannon garson
szilvia gyorgy, nicole lister, sandy lockwood, ruth mcmillan, sophie milne
vanessa owens, chris plumridge, simon reece, jane robertson, liz stops
dawn thirlaway, murray topham.

planet commonwealth is located at 114 commonwealth street
surry hills between reservoir and campbell streets

monday - friday 10 - 5.30
saturday 10 - 5
sunday noon - 4
ph 9211 5959


Rachel Power said...

Hmm, almost worth a trip to Sydney. Does your work ever travel to Melbourne for showing?

Renee Blackwell said...

hey friend...good luck on all the ventures! all looking lovely as usual.
good luck with tri-annual, too.