Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Australian Ceramics Triennale- coming up...

I'm firing madly getting ready to take some work down to the Australian Ceramics Triennle.

I'm on a panel about education. This sounds very dry but it will be a cracker - I think it should be called "Revolting Education- the Changing Face of Ceramic Learning in the 21st Century" It will be a panel discussion with plenty of input from the revolting artists who are watching. Throw us questions (not rotten fruit and vegetables) on mentorships, how they can work with contemporary artists. The internet, does it have a role in education(!?) Is formal learning of ceramics dead? ......And other contentious issues.

I'll also be doing a presentation on using blogging as a powerful tool for creativity and financial independence.

And last but not least I'll be bringing down a selection of work to sell at the Ceramics Direct Market on Sunday. One of my favourite memories of a conference is finding Sandra Black sitting behind a table at the National Conference a few years ago. She only had a small selection of beautiful items and it has been my lasting pleasure to have bought one. I look at this little pot nearly every day.

It makes me think of clouds, the soft/hard, cold/hot push and pull of the clay and lovely Sandra making a few dollars to supplement her trip. I'm so glad she was there and I could buy this lovely pot.

Maybe I'll see you at the Triennale.


Eucalypt Homewares said...

Hi Shannon,
I was feeling ok about missing the ceramics conference until reading you blog today. Perth is a long way to come from when your kids are little (and many). Hopefully the next one will be a possibility for me. I think your topics sound great, all the best with them. I have only just started blogging and it has opened a whole new world to me in inspriation and I hope, networking.
Mel Sharpham

Janet K @ Manly Gallery said...

I hope you have a very rewarding time Shannon, you are so passionate about your craft and you have lots to give, so I'm sure it will be so beneficial. Love the new pots & cannot wait for my supply - will see you next Wednesday...until then...J

Ian Hodgson said...

Hi Shannon
It was good to meet you at the conference. I really enjoyed your blog talk. Will definitely be a follower of Strange Fragments from now on.
Like your work too!
Must go now. Have to start making.


nevin said...

Hi Shannon, your works are very beautiful. What a talent! I simply love it..