Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nibble, nibble little mouse.....

“Nibble, nibble little mouse.
Who is nibbling at my house?”
This is what the witch in Hansel and Gretel asks the intrepid children. Contemporary Jeweller, Rebecca Ward and I have created a whimsical range of porcelain and silver jewelery with a seductive (and slightly greedy) edge.

Rebecca Ward creates delicate, evocative pieces of jewellery from found objects, such as beach glass, pebbles and vintage beads. Rebecca says, "I love fossicking and responding to the poetry and stories of the found object Rebecca's jewellery was recently showcased in Dave Evans’ "Cool Hunting Green" book .

“Nibble” delves into the surreal, strange and fairytale aspects of food and desire. It is a world of absurdist dreams about flying pumpkins, naughty peas and magical rings. Double meanings, wordplay and hidden clues take the wearer up the beanstalk and into another dimension where all is not as it seems. Explore the possibilities of finding yourself in a world of delicious and deceptive food in this range of seductive porcelain and silver adornment.

*ADORN, a group ceramic jewellery and glass exhibition of leading Australian makers opens *Friday 6pm -9pm the 23 January 2009, the show runs until Saturday 7 February.

Venue: Fusions Gallery, 483 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
PH: + 61 7 3358 5122

"Nibble" is also showing at Craft Victoria in Melbourne

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handmadelife said...

Oh Shannon, these are just beautiful - well done and super big congratulations to both of you on the range, so great to finally see the finished works and we can't wait to get into craft vic and see them 'in the flesh'. While you're down in Melboure we'll have to catch up yes?