Monday, January 19, 2009

ANU Summer School

I have been away for a week at the ANU Summer School. This year the visiting artists were Ann Linnemann from Denmark and Trudy Golley from Canada. It was great to see the ANU ceramics department, visit the library, and bask in the dry Canberra heat! (actually that was my least my favourite part)

Ann runs her own gallery in Copenhagen. Half the space is dedicated to tableware and the other half to ceramic art and exhibitions. It is always lovely to see a master throw....

The other tutor was the fabulous Canadian artist Trudy Golley. Trudy and her husband, jeweller Paul Leathers have a collaborative practice spanning over a decade. Trudy's complex slab built forms engage with formal issues, challenging use of space and channeling light through the forms to activate the space around them. Both Trudy and her sculptural pieces are really dynamic and exciting, she continues her tour of Australia in Perth with a residency at SODA and an exhibition in Perth.


judsculpt said...

Hi Shannon, your work is beautiful. I was just about to post some of my favorite porcelain demitase coffee cups I use every day, when I saw your posting and was sidetracked,so now I have a whole new lot of blogs to read from your site, which will be great. I had looked at the ANU summer schools myself but didn't get around to booking any. Hope you might like to look me up at Judy

Elaine Bradley said...

It sure was nice to meet you at ANU Shannon, I just sat down to do an update on my own Blog and found yours. We are lucky to get such good lecturers at ANU Residential Schools - but I'm sure you could teach us a thing or two as well, going by what I've seen of your work.

Kindest, Elaine in Freo

and your bubs are super scrummy