Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day in the Life.....

Hear kookaburras starting up before dawn...Lie in bed
What will I do today?
Fizzy D wanders in warm as a freshly laid egg and snuggles up
Bliss lasts for ten or so minutes.
Breakfast, milk, toast
"Not cut in three Mama! CUT IN TWO."
Think about pots, lovely sunny day good for throwing.

Get everyone in clothes, lunches- hope they look nutritious and children don't appear at kindy and childcare as homeless waifs who's selfish mother only provides cucumber and sultanas as "fun" snacks.
Say "Good morning" to husband.

Everyone out the door.
think about pots
"What does a full- blown flower signify?
Look at stomach wish I had time to do Pilates.

Go downstairs to studio. Think about pots, think about Lucie Rie in her architect designed apartment, making glazes.

Forgot to feed chooks
Try and kill two birds with one stone by thinking about pots and eggs-
'How is an egg like a pot? What is the special tactile appeal of an egg?
Can I find this in a bowl?
Thought is knocked from head by the discovery of human POO on shoe.
It is not mine.
Wonder despairingly if horrible POO is anywhere else.
Can't think of it now must do work in studio.

Plunge hands into cool wet clay
Throwing throwing.

Day is creeping away
What's for dinner?
Wonder how Janet de Boos learnt so much about glazes
Wonder if you can use iron as a colourant in my clear glaze.
Look at vessels. Head full of line, variation, colouring
Wonder why Sweet Pea doesn't like meatballs anymore?

On No! 2.30! Run up to bustop and look casual so I don't appear to be a BAD forgetful mother.

What could be nicer than a squeaky voice screaming "MAMA!" as a whirling dervish flies from the bus?

Get Sweet Pea from Childcare
Thank God for childcare.

Think about pots waiting in studio
Try and throw a couple more
Try to enjoy the fact that the children are watching
Say "Don't Touch!" fifty-three times
Give up
Feel bad knowing I must concentrate whole energy on children- they've had a big day.
Make dinner

Eat at 5.30 feel it is a bit uncivilized
Not helped by looking at Sweet Pea putting pasta on her head in excitement over nothing much.

Try to put studio out of mind for tomorrow

Clean children in pyjamas
Read "Za Za's Baby Brother"
Read "The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate"
Wish I was a pirate
Kiss sleepy heads
Talk to husband for a few seconds
Communicate our deep and abiding love to one another by giving each other a small pat on back and sitting on couch side by side.
Remind myself that this won't last forever....

But why won't it?
It's beautiful



welcome to my world...
it is great,
it does change as they age...
but similar and different all at once!

Michael Kline said...


Can I copy and paste inserting my specifics? Seems like there is a syncronicity within our worlds, the worlds of parents, pooters [oops, Freudian typing] and kids.

Cheryl said...

These busy, busy days full of the small minutia of everyday life are the sweetest of memories to look back on. When the family has grown and your days are slower and easier,you will forget the disasters and the frustrations and only remember the shy smile, the little, sticky hand in yours, the comfort of warm small bodies curling up close, the giggles and imaginary friends..it passes all too quickly. Your talent will remain - your small ones will grow

Meagan Chaney said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your day. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Meagan Chaney said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your day. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

amy h said...

I enjoyed this!

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

I love reading about people's day to day. It makes us all seem a little more real. Thank you for sharing, you and I (and many others) seem to have similar days. And they are beautiful, we just have to remember that and let go.

Lori said...


Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering about the POO!