Monday, October 20, 2008

Contemporary Ceramics in Planet

I went to Sydney last week and visited Planet and Planet Commonwealth. Ross has been stocking my work for a few years now and I LOVE being part of his vision and dealing with Planet.

Being an artist can be very demoralising, often you are forced to knock on doors that are politely (or rudely) slammed in your face. Ross has given me very sound advice over the years. He is clear about what he is looking for and the aesthetic he is building with Planet, and he has always been extremely kind with criticism.

Walking into Planet is such an aesthetically pleasurable experience. The colours are warm and the dedication to quality handmade products is obvious. Ross designs the furniture which is all one-off, simple clean lines made of Australian timber. The drawers are weighted so they almost close themselves with a gentle "click".

Planet represents some of the most exciting ceramicists in Australia, here is a sample....

Susan Hipgrave plates

Hermie Cornelisse and Szilvia Gyorgy lights

Liz Stops


andrewwiddis said...

I love Planet! It's philosophy and aesthetic. And most importantly, the honest advice and direction from Ross is invaluable.

the happy clam said...

Hi Shannon,
I was wondering if you knew who made the hanging lamps in the first photo and if you knew of any other contemporary ceramic artists who made lanterns or light fixtures. I'm an educator in Atlanta, USA teaching a lesson on japanese clay lanterns and would like to have some images of a few contemporary takes on the project as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

shannon said...

dear Happy Clam, the lights in the first photo are made of bent plywood. the other white coiled lights are made by Sydney artist Sylvia Georgy you can get to her website by clicking on the link.

Anonymous said...

I think Planet also have beautiful hanging ceramic lamps by Helen Jones!

agragarian said...

Planets' philosophy is so now!
We love Susan Hipgraves' botanical plates! Worth every lire!!

Looking forward to see more of Susan's work, she is the new fornasetti.

Di Ewington-Taylor

agragarian said...

We Love Susan Hipgrave the new Fornasetti of our time.