Monday, August 11, 2008

Head Cold

I have had a cold for the last week which- due to ignoring it has turned into an infection. The worst thing about all this (apart from the physical discomfort) was the fact that I felt guilty the whole time because I really have to get downstairs and make some work.

This is my bed -where I wanted to be all day

I felt bad about the cold but also about the fact that the weather has been freezing and I just didn't really want to go down into the dungeon and stick my hands in rapidly cooling muddy water for hours on end. I felt like such a wussy whinger that I was relieved in a way when it turned out to actually be a real medical problem! (albeit a slight one)

Sometimes running your own studio is like being back at uni. Every time you try to have fun you have a sense of guilt that you should be home studying.


Julie said...

I know what you mean about all that. Sometimes I give in and listen to my body and take some time off. In the end it's the better choice, but I feel like a wimp the whole time.

And, you have really stinking cool chairs.

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better soon...BTW I love your chairs.

shannon said...

I love these chairs too- my friend had too much mid-century/junkshop paraphenalia and passed them on to me!

Deborah Woods said...

Hi-I work in a cold, damp environment and in the winter it's pretty uncomfortable. My husband had a GREAT idea. He suggested using our old crockpot as my water bucket. It changes your whole mental attitude about throwing in the cold, not to mention you feel much warmer. I just keep it on low and turn it off once in a while if it gets too hot.