Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I watched Denton last night and he interviewed Matt Harding. Matt is an ordinary, nice guy who started an internet phenomenon by videoing himself doing a daggy dance in exotic locations as he backpacked around the world. Matt's dancing got onto the blog scene and his video received thousands of hits on youtube.

This video is so moving, as Matt danced his funny dance around the world people began to join in. Watching people from all walks of life running and jumping up and down and laughing their heads off is unexpectedly life- affirming. From Buddhist monks to kids in Rwanda, what Matt has done is show us that we are all human, and in this big mess together.

This weird idea achieves the goal of all artists, to transcend barriers, to move people because they are human regardless of race colour or creed. Sometimes the art world is so busy staring up it's own fundament searching for meaning in the darkness it encounters there, examining the cultural waste like medieval soothsayers finding meaning in chicken guts that we forget that fun is inspiring, laughing is inspiring, movement is inspiring, the simplest idea can be meaningful.
Have a look...........


Julie said...

I do enjoy that video - and I'm glad to be reminded of it again!

Sophie Milne said...

"staring up it's own fundament" - nicely put Shannon! I'm hoping to make it to Craft Vic this week and look forward to seeing your work in the flesh, so to speak.

I very much enjoy your blog.
kind regards

Anna said...

Hi Shannon
I too saw the Denton show and then logged on to Matt Hardings site. The jig with the Huli wigmen of PNG is my favourite as I lived in PNG during the '80's.
Love your magnolia pots.