Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Power Lunch

celebration_cake(2), originally uploaded by shannongarson.
Photo taken by Kylie Johnson at another power lunch for the Umbrella Collective.

I occasionally have "power lunches" with my friend Sarah Rayner from Audrey and Rose. As we both live in the country and work at home in our totally daggy thermal fleece jackets, the term power lunch is used ironically. But..... these lunches are really important, we talk bout what inspires us, show each other our new work, hash out solutions to business hiccups and most importantly encourage each other through all our moods. What may look to the outsider like two artists having a gasbag and stuffing their faces is actually an important part of my practice. Talking to other artists is inspiring and useful!

Audrey and Rose have just launched their website which includes a section on their new range "Audrey and Rose Interiors". How fabulous are these?


posiepatchwork said...

Hello, i found you off a comment from Liana Kabel's blog (read: stalker). I love what you do. The power lunch made me giggle. There isn't a big craft movement in Darwin NT, however, quite by accident, we've started one. I have been designing & sewing in my own business since i got bumped out of the workforce with twins in 2001. I've since had a 4th child, who is now at preschool & the 3 girls at primary school. As time is precious, my sewing & card making girlfriends & i get together for power lunches at the pool, with our children happily swimming, we mix up ideas in our bikinis. So a little different to your lunches, but so much the same, sans thermals. Love Posie

shannon said...

Go ladies! No matter the weather the craft power lunch is a force to reckoned with.

tg said...

Oh my god that cake looks totally delicious - and is set of nicely by your beautiful porcelain. Sigh, my "power lunches" in Sydney are nowhere near as enticing.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

go sarah and lee- such stylish ladies.

Florence said...

it is a part of one's practice, so true.


Mad said...

Love the power lunch! And the Umbrella Collective! You go girls!!
:) and a happy new year, from U.S. potter- mad