Monday, April 02, 2007

dizzy dance toward the light.....

I went to college with Allyson Reynolds. She was a sophisticated third year when I was a gauche second year. Allyson lives in the country and did a series of work exploring colour and composition through watercolours and collages of moths and butterflies. I love these works. To me they evoke the height of a tropical summer, when you can't move inside or out without seeing amazing moths. In examining the minute Reynolds draws the viewers attention to the details of life.

I also love how these works deal with the formal aspects of two dimensional art work. They capture movement through the application of the watercolour, and the compostion, posed but slightly askew creates a tension between life and death. Are these moths found under the lamp, dead then pinned for scientific scrutiny? Or are they resting about to fly off in their dizzy dance towards the light?