Monday, February 12, 2007

Everybody Cares What You Had for Lunch

I saw a book at the library yesterday called "No-one Cares What you had For Lunch". It is about blogging and how bloggers get stuck, the author, Margaret Mason thinks that you shouldn't waste your blog space with boring bits and pieces about what you had for lunch etc. In the craft world bloggers are desperately interested in what others had for lunch- Sometimes just a brief look at Tummy Rumbles, descriptions of food can cheer me up and provide thought provoking conversation for days amongst my blogging friends. Jen Causey's Simply Photo gets me salivating and I also love Port2port's recipes and down to earth exchanges regarding the all important subject of Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner or for that matter Snacks.
(photo by Jennifer Causey)

I think the frank exchange of delicious things is a wonderful way of connecting the cyber world to the earthy, burpy real world of the craft artist. Way back in the mists of time I was doing a Masters Degree and the subject of my thesis was the pretty obscure study of "...contemporary women novelists and how food and cooking are used as a means of communication in their novels." (Ann Tyler and Helen Garner were two of the novelists I studied.) I've left the brow furrowing world of academia far behind me but I still think that communication through food is very subtle, immediate and important. From breastfeeding to wedding feasts to helping some-one you care about calm down with a cup of tea , this is a language we all understand. That is one of the main reasons I love making domestic pots.

Today I did not have a very exciting lunch. But this is what I wish I had for lunch...
(photo once again by Jennifer Causey)
Pretty all my favourite lunches involve some combination of bread and cheese.

Actually I think every one should care what you had for lunch- What did you have?


mellie said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment Shannon. Tummy Rumbles is an absolute labour of love (and a somewhat indulgent pursuit ;-)), and it is a real bonus when someone reads and enjoys it too!

Was the book you mentioned a good read? Or not worth the time/money?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yes i agree.
lunch is definitly blogable. and reading tummy rumbles certainly makes me sad that i don't live somewhere with as great food and diversity as melbourne.
I had leftover home-made garlic/wine/tomato/olive/chilli oil spaghetti for lunch with a slow roasted roma tomato and some smoked mozarella and some rocket. yumbalicious!!

Florence said...

Oh, Shannon, I didn't have anything for lunch today. I was installing my new drawing tablet and by the time I looked up again it was 3pm and so I played around until coffee and kingstons at 4:30pm...

those picture of food look good :)


Liana said...

For brunch I had tabbouli & semi dried tomatoes with Turkish break.

cheers to good food.

Spindle said...

...I think some people can write about food like Byron can write about love. Today I had a beetroot salad - very pink.

TG said...

Wow I wish I had some of those things for lunch. Instead I had my usual - leftover couscous with a slightly varying combination of tomatoes, garlic, lima beans and chilli. Better than soggy sandwiches!