Wednesday, August 30, 2006



"The water is wide
I must go o'er
But neither have
I wings to fly
Give me a boat
That can carry two
and both shall row
My love and I" old spiritual about vessels

Alleghany Meadows, potter and craft guerilla. Has a mobile gallery in a dashing old Airstream caravan.

Elizabeth Robinson American potter says...
"My work is about the rituals, and the making, of domestic pottery. I think about objects, how we desire them, surrounding ourselves by stuff to compose the settings for our lives; how we use them"


patrick said...

Wow, the first ones are stunning. They look like incredibly delicate fungus to me, beautiful.

birdie said...

I love Elizabeth Robinson's work! In fact I bought the piece you're featuring (funny coincidence). The Airstream gallery was in our town last fall and I fell in love with Elizabeth's work and this piece in particular! How wonderful to see her work on your great blog.

shannon said...

I can't believe you have this bowl- How lucky for you! I particularly love the green/blue drip from the rim that runs down the outside.