Thursday, August 31, 2006

craft guerilla hero

I have to write more about Alleghany Meadows who I mentioned yesterday and his fantastic Art-stream Gallery.

The Art-stream Gallery is an old Airstream caravan converted into a beautiful ceramics gallery. Through favours from friends, custom cabinet making and sheer imagination and wit Allegahany Meadows has created an American mini institution, Artstream travels around the country to farmers markets, universities and conferences bringing beautiful pottery to all sorts of unexpected places. To say Art-stream is an instititution denies the fact of it's clever unpredictablity. This is a subversion of the gallery system.
Allegahany Meadows is this weeks craft guerilla hero!


Florence said...

that's what I call innovation, bringing beauty to the people! she rocks :D

Mad said...

I love this approach as well. Art on the go...
Thanks for you comment on my blog, also. Let's keep the conversation going! Guerilla art... I like it!

Liana said...

Yes, take it to the people. There is so much preaching to the converted. It is time to get some new followers.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

I agree.
no more screeching to the perverted.
lets start a craft missionary movement to spread our universal message of happiness.
You don't have to go across the sea, to be,
a missionary.