Thursday, August 03, 2006


I am going to Sydney tomorrow to see the Blueberry Fool (see the links to the left) and attend an opening of a new show called "Herbarium" of my work at Salmon Galleries.

The first thing I'll be doing when I get off the plane (apart from missing Fizzy D, the thought of it is breaking my heart already) is going to the Sussex Food Court on Sussex St and having a bowl of Pho. For those who haven't tried this delicious Vietnamese soup, it is made of special recipe stock and filled with fresh Thai basil, Vietnamese mint, noodles, chillies, lemon juice and thin strips of beef cut so finely they cook themselves in the boiling broth. YUM Yum!

I always feel like a total dag in Sydney. It's funny in Melbourne I feel like I'm quite well dressed. Over the years I've come to the conclusion that Sydney people have expensive, matching accessories, the caramel coloured hair matches the beige Prada handbag, matches the tiny sandals made of microscopic pieces of leather and air which match the perfectly tanned feet and pearly toenails- I can't possibly compete with this.

Although I will be taking my new/old op-shop find , a glo-mesh bag. Watch out girls!


one black bird said...

funny, the first thing I am going to do when I go back to san francisco is have a bowl of pho. my favorite! I have to wait until september though. congrats on the show...your bowls look lovely.

Mad said...

Lovely work. Thanks for the note. I am embarking on the biggest commision of my life, so will be hard at it for the next couple of months, but will keep blogging and post about you soon! I'll let you know. Welcome to the growing world of blogging potters! Meanwhile, I've added you to my links bar. :)

Florence said...

I went to my home turf on the Gold Coast recently. When my sister and I went to lunch I was confronted by the richy GC ladies who lunch. I felt like a freak and told my sisiter we should go somewhere else. She was understanding enough to oblige me:)

I like pho too :)

MoB Workspace said...

have a lovely time shannon and good luck for the show. just do the big hair, the groovy jewellery and no-one will notice the toenails!!- bec

Liana said...

Shannon next time you visit Sydney you may like to travel to a few other locations than Sydney City and the Upper North Shore and I promise you you'll feel like be a perfectly pretty princess (and perhaps a little afraid).

I think you would like the Blue Mountains.