Friday, August 11, 2006


So I went to Sydney, and got off the plane into a roaring torrent of liquid air. Crossing the road was like wading across rivers and there is always someone who takes special delight in driving through the puddles close to the curb and drenching the hapless pedestrians.

I waded my way through the park to Sussex St as promised and dried off with a comforting bowl of Pho. I love sitting in this Food Court as it is two storeys above street level. The window looks down on layer after layer of signs in clashing colours advertising everything from car rental to "unique quality gifts". The street level is crammed with shops selling dumplings ,groceries, jewellery, and unique quality gifts, and people are constantly walking across the road carrying strange things like huge piles of mosaic plates, or durian fruits. It reminded me that in our world of craft and design you can sometimes forget how vibrant and joyous chaos can be.


Florence said...

Well said Shannon. I hope you had a great time.

Liana said...

This is one of my favourite Sydney places also.

aluwishes said...

I just finished reading a Reginald Hill novel, The Stanger House, and one of the main characters comes from Australia. She mentions a particular chocolate treat that I'd not heard of and I wonder could you confirm its existence? Its called a Cherry Ripe.

shannon said...

A Cherry Ripe is an Australian institution, A bar made of coconut and fake cherries covered in dark choclate- in my mind it has a strange kind of sophistication. More so than the Polly Waffle (chocolate, marshmallow and wafers), the Violet Crumble (honeycomb encased in milk choclate) or the Chokito ( I really don't know what is in these but they suceed in looking like a dog poo.)