Tuesday, July 04, 2006

fiona hiscock

I've had a request for more information about Fiona Hiscock. She is an Australian ceramicist based in Victoria and her oversized, handbuilt forms reference colonial domestic ware. Fiona recently did an exhibition based on the remenants of old country gardens around Hill End. Each settler planted a plum, a fig, a quince, and a pear tree in their garden, hardy fruit bearing species. That carried echoes of home and would survive the harsh Australian climate.


Florence said...

Her work is simple superb. I would love any of her work in my collection.
To dream, to dream.

Liana said...

I have loved her work for years. I think I first read an article about her in Family Circle (or some such magazine) yonks ago.

Her work was one of my first introductions to handcrafted Australian ceramics and started my interest in (and buying of) such works.