Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bird Wednesday

I made two teapots last week and they were sitting in the studio just ready to be decorated when a chicken got in and smashed them as I was chasing it out. I was as "mad as a wet hen" - as the saying goes.

Check out little birds blog. She has a beautiful header and I love her photos.

Wednesday's bird is a saucy little item from British ceramicist Virginia Graham. It has colourful plumage and a paticular cheeky tilt to its tail. Habitat- this bird feels at home in all the most fabulous places.


Lilli&Tom said...

I love Tea Pots. I'm looking forward to seeing your next efforts. Sorry to here about the chicken run incident:(

Do you evr make tea cups with handles? I love sets. I have a few of one off things but would love to have enough of something to share a tea with friends:)

shannon said...

I do make cups and saucers, I too love a proper cup of tea in a good porcelain cup.