Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bird Thursday

Gay Bilson, Australian chef, author, philosopher collects nests.
"The outer surface is dull grey-green of lichen. Did the bird use saliva to stick the materials to the two twigs? It is a mystery of apparent impermanence. As in an overcoat, the lining is different to the moss-like exterior, being dry, fine grass. Although I say it is the size of a tiny slipper, because it hangs and is oval rather than round, it is in fact more like a minature cradle or boat, but the plants parts which coat the outside have the texture and look of crotcheting. It trembles even when I touch it delicately."(pp.195, "Digressions on Food"Penguin Books Limited, 2004)

Australian artist Patsy Hely loves nests, twigs and birds.


amy h said...

Oooh, I love the coral-ish looking twigs! Lovely texture.

Florence said...

I love that tea cup and sauser. how beautiful, sigh....