Monday, October 15, 2007

Losing My Mind

The sun comes up,
I think about you.
The coffee cup,
I think about you.
"Losing My Mind" from Stephen Sondheim's "Follies"

Having a dishwasher makes me a better artist. Before we had a dishwasher my heart would sink every time I walked into the kitchen and my eyes were drawn to the pile of breakfast dishes on the sink. These dishes would in turn create a housework anxiety where all the jobs I had to do would start whirling around my head. Anyone who has ever seen my house will tell you that I'm am no cleanliness freak, but in the difficulty of starting the inspiration momentum the housework would become a (strange) priority. I realized that if I was going to work from home I had to liberate my mind from this terrible cycle.

I truly had to lose my housework mind. Making art is all about losing your mind, sometimes when the rational, thinking mind gets lost and wanders into strange byways and down dark paths a new idea just appears in front of me.

Our dishwasher is environmentally friendly and only takes about 10 litres of water per cycle and keeps all those pesky dishes from tethering me to earth as I walk through on my way to the studio!

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Florence Forrest said...

see even your washing up can look good :)

yay! for your dishwasher. You need that extra time I know.