Friday, July 01, 2011

Issac Button can throw a ton of clay into pots a day!

Students of ceramics and the austere beauty of hard work will love this film. Made in the 1960's it features English potter Issac Button, a man who makes herculean tasks appear effortless. I like the way he smokes a pipe while throwing, I like his simple robust pots. Issac Button claimed that he "never left a pub the same day I entered it!"
As a country potter myself I admire the plain way he goes about his daily work. We are very lucky to have a visual record of something at once so amazing and so ordinary.
Thanks to David Neale for putting the film up on his blog.


gerry said...

What does he do with the ton of slip on his apron?

Lori Buff said...

This is an amazing video, I watched the entire film a few years ago. I loved how he dug clay in a tie.

Sophie Milne said...

What a legend!

I like the cork in the bottle neck so as not to alter the form as it comes of the wheel.