Wednesday, June 01, 2011

One Day Winter Workshops in My Studio!

Winter Workshops

The leaves are falling fast, and now is the time to come to Maleny and enjoy the blue, blue sky and crisp mornings. Finally, after many years of requests I'm holding workshops at my Maleny studio! With only only 5 participants per workshop this will be an intimate, hands on exploration of decorative surface techniques. The workshops will begin with an introduction to the beautiful, translucent porcelain and then we'll plunge straight into creating. We will discuss design, pattern, surface texture and imagery in order for you to create two porcelain bowls with your own design. What we are aiming for is a reflection of your own unique personality with all it’s complexity, in your final design! But the day can't be all about work and there will be plenty of demonstrations and a delicious, vegetarian lunch.

I'm running the workshops from 9.30 until 3 so they are convenient for those with school children.

Work will be fired and available to pick up or be sent to your home.

So, bring a friend and come along for a lovely day in the country and enjoy the creative chaos of the studio while making your very own translucent porcelain bowls.
Shannon Garson Porcelain - Winter Workshops
Tuesday June 21st

Tuesday June 28th

Tuesday July 5th

My Studio
$130 per person
See details on my website

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