Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful handcrafted bags- "Nancybird"

I saw these beautiful bags today at the new Maiocchi shop on Ann St in Brisbane.
They are "Nancybird" bags and wallets created by Melbourne designer Emily Wright.
"Nancybird" is a beautiful business using leather by-products of the meat industry, tanned using analine or vegetable dyes. The fabrics are cotton or jute and chosen for the low environmental impact.
Emily's business doesn't just pay lip service to being sustainable as she has developed her shipping and packing using recycled materials and prefers to send her merchandise flat-packed by sea freight to reduce air miles. If that doesn't impress you then how about this....
"Nancybird" headquarters uses 100% windpower!
But to get to the heart of the matter, these objects are simply beautiful. They capture a ruggedness and practicality in their construction combined with soft femininity and a dash of retro in the use of printed fabric and drawings. The crafted finish is such a pleasure to see in an object such as a bag that is usually created as a disposable, consumer fashion item. You can imagine that these bags would just get better with age. Marks of wear and tear and living enhance such objects.

It is worth saving up to buy such items. My advice for starving artists and others of Very Little Assets is to buy sparingly and buy the best.

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