Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who has the most beautiful tools in all the world? Chris Weaver!

Who has the most beautiful tools in all the world? New Zealand potter Chris Weaver! These tools are made from driftwood collected on the beach outside Chris's studio.

The West Coast of New Zealand is a wild , rugged landscape and Chris says this has forced him to be resourceful and develop his own ways of making.
This series of teapots were inspired by Chris's Grandmother's old metal pressing irons. Although they were inspired by a woman and a prosaic domestic task these pots capture the true grit and determination needed to wield pressing irons and other household tools back in the days before electrical power. They simultaneously encompass femininity of the tough, single minded, Protestant work-ethic variety and the promise of a cup of tea, relaxing, and recharging during a hard days work.


Elisabeth said...

These are such stunning artifacts and to think the are also useful. Wow.

Ruth Quibell said...

Wow! They're awesome.