Saturday, August 07, 2010

Noosa Travelling Scholarship

Wallum Nests- finalist in Noosa Travelling Scholarship

I'm thrilled to be a finalist the Noosa Regional Gallery Travelling Scholarship. The winner gets a prize of $12 000 to travel to a destination of their choice and undertake research or study. The Scholarship has recently changed to a 3-d prize and the forty finalist include ceramicists, jewellers, sculptors, paper artists and textile artists.

Shona Wilson won the prize with her beautiful, delicate "Diatom 13", a sculpture made of twigs,seedpods,seeds,branchlets and plastic. Shona's work is absolutely stunning combining found natural materials with beach plastic. These works explore the cross-over between the natural world, the world of science and human impact on the environment. It is rare to see works using found natural objects with such beauty and delicacy supported by a rigorous, conceptual framework. The use of macroscopic images evokes contemporary scientific practice while the construction using seeds,twigs and natural objects evokes primitive talismans or magical,ritual objects.
These images are from Shona's website. You can see images and read artist's statements from the Noosa Travelling Scholarship here.


Claire said...

$120,000 WOW! (or was it a typo?) either way - best wishes!

Shannon Garson said...

Damn! It was a typo! If only I had more experience of large sums of money I wouldn't make these mistakes! I've fixed it .....$12 000

Linden Langdon said...

congratulations on your selection! i have been enjoying your blog for a while now from the more southern parts of australia - tasmania - and as i grew up on the sunshine coast i just love seeing your beautiful work which takes me straight back to my home environment - thank you!