Friday, July 30, 2010

Shannon Garson Porcelain- new website

"Bloodwood" in progress from Swamp Cartography collaboration with Rebecca Ward

Steve from Helped By Design has been re-designing my website. Having a good website has been of enormous value to my practice over the last 10 years. I get many enquiries and comments through my website. As my friend Florence once said to me you have to envision the internet as a web, the more connections you make to and from your website the more fully you are participating.
Porcelain and silver brooch from Swamp Cartography collaboration with Rebecca Ward.

Having a website sitting lonely, unvisited in cyberspace is a very poor use of money and the enormous free potential of the internet. I link the website to this blog, and through Strange Fragments it has been linked to many other blogs. Besides the internet I support my website by using the web address. This is something that many artists neglect.
Print cards with your web address, if you have any articles or photos of your work published in newspapers and magazines include your web address in the captions.
A website is only of value if potential customers can find it........
.........And don't forget to update your photos and information!


Cynthia Nicole said...

Your website looks great!

Gerry Wedd said...

nice calligraphic line...