Saturday, July 03, 2010

greg hatton- through the garden gate

DSCN0282, originally uploaded by twiggie's.

Here is an example of perfect design. Does Greg Hatton's gate just invite you to push it open and find out what is further down the road? A gate is an important symbol containing both concepts of privacy and invitation. What I love about Greg's gate is that it invites the wanderer in and by echoing the natural landscape evokes the wonders of the forest and fields you might find beyond it.

In the most perfect the design the object itself catapults you into a dizzying ,colourful world of ideas that spring from the original thing.

Greg Hatton is a handyman, designer and recycler extraordinaire. He moved from vegetable farming into stone masonry and his projects expanded from creating chairs out of salvaged crates through to designing inner city gardens and re-designing a backyard swimming pool. Greg's creativity is informed by the beauty of natural materials and found objects he says...

"As with my furniture my garden design and construction is very materials driven. Old wharf timbers, or those from sustainable plantations or local stone where possible. Soils form from the ecology beneath and the colours in the indigenous vegetation reflect the minerals in the soil. the use of local stone in the landscape is the most harmonious. this is how I like to approach my landscape design....I encourage indigenous planting or productive gardens...."

From Greg's Website

Read more about Greg's philosophy and approach to design at the Design Files.

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