Sunday, April 18, 2010

Potier- distinctive objects made by hand

I'm so excited to be part of a new store/gallery that has just opened in Melbourne. Lovers of handmade ceramics feast your eyes on this......

Potier is the inspiration of Melbourne ceramics collector Judith Buckridge and represents many of Australia's most exciting makers. Artists Judith has collected in her store include, Bridget Bodenham, Phil Elson, Jane Sawyer, Christopher Plumridge, Sandy Lockwood, Chris Coad and Sophie Milne. I think the motto says it all
"distinctive objects - made by hand."

Here is Judith's statement of intent
"From individually crafted domestic ware to exquisite one-off sculptural pieces, Potier provides the perfect space to experience and buy beautiful and important works of local and national significance.Marianne Huhn

Potier was created to promote the importance of ceramic practice and develop a broader understanding of, and desire to acquire, handmade one-off pieces for everyday use and as collectors' items."

Christopher Plumridge

Revolutionary words in a retail environment. Viva la Revolution!


Move With Me said...

Congrats.. it all looks so yummy.. Where is this gallery/store located in Melbourne?

virginia piazza said...

This shop looks wonderful; wish it
were here in the states!