Friday, March 12, 2010

Slow Fashion

Natalie Chanin from US fashion label Alabama Chanin is a woman with a mission. Every statement on her website proclaims her commitment to creating sustainable products. She uses US made fabrics and employs women throughout her local community to embroider them. Natalie Chanin is also involved in community projects highlighting and strengthening the connection between handmade objects, slow food, small manufacturing plants, recycling, history and communication.
Chanin has produced a documentary on the tradition of quilt making in the American South and as a response the the high price of her handmade couture has also published a book and sells kits so that anyone who can learn the skills to make a beautiful, piece of clothing can afford these lovely, lovely things. Read her blog for an insight into the threads that bind artisans to their community and from there to the wider world.
From Alabama to Australia...... Little Green Dress is the label of my friend Genevieve Edmonds. Genvieve employs local sewers and sources her fabrics from manufacturers using sustainable fibres, reclaiming vantage kimonos (amongst other things) for her beautiful, comfortable clothing.
She says
"At Little Green Dress we want to emphasize the value of quality garments made with attention to detail. Our garments shouldn’t be a throwaway commodity but a cherished and defining staple in your wardrobe which has come into existence with integrity and thought for our planet."

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