Monday, December 14, 2009

The Hinterland Times

This photo is from our lovely local newspaper called "The Hinterland Times". I love this newspaper as owners Micheal and Faith Berry work very hard to ensure that the content reflects our diverse, interesting local community. As a result we have a paper that is full of news , photos and articles about what is happening in the little towns all along along the Blackall Range. You can read the whole article and lots of other things here......


sophie munns said...

Its a wonderful article Shannon - better than you find in many newspapers really including the Curious Mail!

I wish you and Rebecca very well with your wonderful Wallum Project - all the best for the festive season,

Amanda said...

That's a lovely article and the photos are great. Both you and your work look beautiful. I do envy you the sense of community to be found "up the mountain".