Monday, October 26, 2009

Pupal Soup

Pupal soup is the liquid, living matter that you will find in the cocoon of a moth during metamorphosis. The caterpillar totally dissolves into liquid DNA and can remain dormant, or even frozen for long periods of time. Eventually this soup coalesces into a new animal and a moth emerges.

I realize that the children are a complicated natural phenomena. They take inspiration away and deliver it in great gouts at unexpected moments. Every time I feel frustrated and stymied it works it's way in tandem with a million other little pieces of family life to come out in pots at a later date.
What can I say about Fizzy D and Sweet P? They have filled my whole heart and mind and the rest, my thoughts, creative life, beautiful and rare is like the light of an eclipsed sun leaking out around the edges.

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kindling said...

beautiful thoughts and analogy shannon. see you soon