Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Handmade Life publishes a Book!

Ramona Barry and Beck Jobson from the blog Handmade Life are very inspiring women. Despite both having tiny children they bring creativity into all aspects of their lives and are constantly redefining their practices and supporting other artists through their blog. Their new project is the biggest so far, they have published a book. And if you get in early you can buy a customised edition with beautiful embroidered cover. Here is what they say about the latest project........
"We have made a 140 page full colour book containing interviews with 29 makers from around the world. Our wishlist of people we most wanted to ask things like 'What music do you listen to when you make stuff?' and ' do you miss your stuff when it's gone?' It's turned out to be one of the biggest projects we have ever undertaken and we are quite proud of it."

Just click on the highlighted link in this post to get through to Handmadelife Blog where you can purchase this book. It is also available at Craft Victoria.

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Novi On The Go said...

Hello Shannon! I found your blog through Sophie Munns. I don't think I have ever seen so many beautiful pieces of pottery, they're so original. I also enjoyed various posts on different art medium particularly the glass ones. Have a nice day!