Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gone Swimmin'

We've been away for a week at Stradbroke Island.
There are hardly any shops on Stradbroke but Oceanic Gelati is the shop to end all shops. It is a little gelati shop sitting on the very point of Point Lookout. every day they make new flavours.
I had baklava with pale pink Turkish Delight gelato on my first day....several others in between and icy white zingy lemon gelato with homemade orange and almond cake on my last day.

Oceanic Gelati is a gelati flavoured cafe, from the tropical print dresses the shop assistants wear, to the sherbet coloured curtains and chairs.
One morning we interrupted the owner as she stood behind the counter with her binoculars looking at this....

watching for whales.



Wow... Yum... a feast for the belly AND the EYES!

renee said...

omygod shannon...move over colin james! does that ever look good, esp. at this time of the day when I need chocolate... gelato would also do very well!
glad you had such a nice time!

Anonymous said...

lucky you... a different gelato each day, that'll keep someone from sleeping late

susannelf said...

I loved stradi about 25 yrs ago with my kids, love that curtain fabric. Your blog is the best, I agree they need to be constant. I love feffakookan for that reason, newsy and informative. Thanks for the great blogging!