Sunday, May 24, 2009

Renee Blackwell- jewellery

My glamorous, fabulous friend Renee Blackwell, bead queen and designer, has started a blog.

Renee travels all over the world to collect her amazing stones and beads and her blog "Adornments of the Soul" is a spicy melange of travel, fashion, Renee's beautiful bush sanctuary and interesting scientific facts about Australian gemstones amongst other things!

I have one of Renee's rings like the green one in the first photo. It is HUGE, glittery and I wasn't sure if the daggy/country/mum/potter lifestyle I lead could support such a glamorous object, but Renne said "OH! Just wear it shopping!" (in her lovely American accent) and I have. So now you may glimpse absolute glamour on one finger of a harried looking person with a basket full of carrots and a pair of blundstones if you are ever shopping at my local supermarket.


WildMagnolia said...

They're beautiful. I'd wear it to do laundry if I was in the mood. Enjoy beautiful things at every opportunity, I say.

michele d.

Elk said...

I agree, they are fabulous and why not feel fab doing something as simple as grocery shopping or the laundy, surely it makes such chores all the more tantalising.