Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matthias Ostermann -1951-2009

Matthias Ostermann ceramcist, teacher and author died last week. Matthias Ostermann's contribution and to contemporary ceramic practice and philosophy was enormous. His books "The Ceramic Surface", "The New Maiolica: Contemporary Approaches to Color and Technique" and "The Ceramic Narrative" have introduced many artists to decorated ceramics. This is a field that is often seen as the superficial side of contemporary ceramics. Matthias Ostermann was committed to sharing and collating decorative approaches internationally. His other great publishing achievement was to publish "The Ceramic Narrative" (2006). This is a fascinating journey through contemporary approaches to storytelling using the ceramic medium.
Ostermann's final exhibition was held this year at Prime Gallery in Ontario. These beautiful sculptures continue Ostermann's explorations into in mythology and ceramic narrative and serve as a poignant reminder of what the ceramics community has lost.

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