Thursday, April 16, 2009

Australian Ceramics Triennale

The First Australian Ceramics Triennale, is to be held in Sydney from 17-20 July 2009.

This exciting event attracts speakers and guests from arouind the world. The keynote presenters include American, Virgina Scotchie,

Japanese born artist working in the UK & China, Takeshi Yasuda,

Polish artist and designer Marek Cecula.

Kim Dickey from the US,

Akito Morino from Japan, Kim, Won Seok and Hae Sin Ro from Korea and Roger Law from the UK.

The Australian presenters include Tania Rollond,

Dr Damon Moon


I've been to a couple of these conferences before and they are really worth while. For four whole days it is nothing but ceramics, wonderful exhibitions, exciting presentations and on the more practical side, some very intriguing demonstrations of techniques.

There are still 2 weeks to go for the cheaper earlybird registration.

Individual $420
Full-time Students $240
Maybe I'll see you there.....


Linda Starr said...

Great work. Is your healiner new, love that black bowl, beautiful.

Silke said...

Your ceramics are just gorgeous!!!

carole epp said...

looks like we're presenting together, nice! I'm going to be talking somewhat about blogging too. Looking forward to hearing your paper! I'm totally procrastinating (aka struggling) with mine
: )