Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breaking out

If there are any "Strange Fragments" readers out there who are parents of young children (or old children), who have busy and often boring commitments to others, who find themselves walking through a myriad of day to day tasks in a dream with their brains frantically thinking "I must get down to the studio." Carole Epp's inspiring story of how she created her latest work for exhibition is for you.

Carole was invited to be part of a group exhibition and started trying to break out of her usual modes of three-dimensional expression, she took inspiration from the works of the other artists involved in the show. Carole says the resulting works are "more a beginning than any attempt at an end" and that her practice has been "shaken up". I admire this so much. Working and living is time-consuming mind-consuming stuff. Creatively it is very difficult and scary breaking out of your patterns and making really new, innovative work.

Carole's exciting new work

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Anonymous said...

The post that carol has written is wonderful. Thankyou Shannon for linking it. I do think though it is apt regardless of being a mother or not. Making time and space for new work can be hard for many reasons. I am really enjoying your posts of late too. Regards, Penny