Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas Story

I have just received a lovely present from Welsh potter/illustrator and publisher Joanna Howells and it put me in mind of the Christmas Eve I went to Wales.

About ten years ago I was living in a boring suburban town in England and a friend asked me up to Wales for Christmas. On a wild and windy Chrismas Eve I walked to the train station glad to be leaving the stultifying boredom of St Albans behind me. I'd prebooked my ticket to the famous Welsh town of Carnarvon.

At St Pancras station I looked at the board and my horror found that the train to Carnarvon had left 15 minutes before. I was determined (and a little hysterical) to get out of the Southeast and into Wales any way I could. The man behind the information desk was wearing a very fancy ring like a glittering diamond skull, when faced with a hysterical Australian crying and babbling about Carnarvon and seemed to be a bit worried. I insisted on getting whatever train was going to Wales that night and sleeping in the station if I had to! He let me ring my friend who was on the snow covered road from his isolated farmhouse to the train station which was actually in the less well-known Welsh town of CARMARTHEN!!!!!!!

Eventually I reached Carmarthen.........

Happy Christmas to all Welsh men and women.
Lovely pots by Joanna Howells

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