Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buying local isn't just for food

Rebecca and I in a state of exhaustion after the sale.

Rebecca the Wrecker and I had a studio sale at my house last weekend. This is the beginning of our small touring show. The next date is at Kelvin Grove Urban Village.

“Made by Hand” is at shop 5b (in front of Woolworths)
Kelvin Grove Urban Village
Friday the 28th of November at 4pm – 8pm
Saturday the 29th of November 9am-3pm.

It is always great to have an open studio in my little town. I get to meet lots of people who are interested in ceramics and the local community gets to know what I do. It is my mission this Christmas, in these times of financial doom and gloom, to urge people to buy local.
Buying local isn't just for food.

My friend Melissa's little dollies.

Supporting local artists enriches the community by creating employment. The financial benefits of this flow back into the community through artists spending their cash on local goods and services. Most people really enjoy living in communities that include some artists and artists continue to doggedly pursue their aesthetic and philosophical goals despite their poorly paid profession.

Preserve your local community, give yourself a treat that continues to give pleasure for years and....
Buy local this Christmas.


Yvonne Ellis said...

Absolutely, totally, 100%, completely agree with you.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

it was a lovely weekend meeting your local fan club!