Monday, September 15, 2008

pippin drysdale

Pippin Drysdale is one of Australia's leading ceramicists and the subject of a book "Lines of Sight" by Ted Snell. It is fascinating to read about Pippin's life and follow the long path through figurative, and iconic, and abstract imagery that she has taken over the years. I feel that the "Tanami Desert Traces" and the work that has stemmed from this series of the last few years is an example of an artist working at the pinnacle of their expressive power. These magnificent works capture the vast mystery and stillness of the Australian desert.

Reading Snell's monograph gives a map of a long creative process with tiny variations through the years occasionally leaping forward into something surprising and powerful. I find it very heartening to read about the sustained effort, thinking and imagination that seem at certain points to gather together create a work that transcends all that has gone before.

Pippin Drysdale has a great website with two very detailed slideshows. The first is of the amazing Warrick Palmateer throwing and the second of Pippin decorating.


gracia said...

Oh! These are wonderful... I love those colours. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia Griffin said...

Thanks for posting the links to her site. Found the slide shows. Yes, amazing!